No. 159 - Spring Issue 2023: DOUBLE VISION

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Artists featured in this issue:

Joel Belmont: Rochester, WA │

Thom Blackstone: East Greenwich, RI @thom_blackstone

Leslie Nowlin Blessing: Austin, TX │

Ann Cathrin Buchardt: Skøyenveien 34, Norway │

Roman Coia: Aston, PA │

Julieayn Coleman: Oakland, CA │ no website

Yvonne Dalschen: Oak Ridge, TN

Michael Dvorak: Robbinsdale, MN │

Brandon Ellis: Flatonia, TX │

Gloria Baker Feinstein: Portland, OR │

Natalie Finney: Seaford, VIC, Australia │

Leila Forés: Benicarló, Spain │ @leilafores

Ellen Giamportone: Beverly Hills, CA │

Mia Gorrell: Lakewood, CO │ @miagorrellphotography

Alli Harper: South Yarra, VIC, Australia │

Karl Herber: Minneapolis, MN  │

Elizabeth Herman: Saint Antoine de Breuilh, France │ @elizermanphotography

Ryan Hoover: Mountlake Terrrace, WA │

Carsten Horn: Berlin, Germany │ @carst_horn

Becky Jaffe: Oakland, CA │

Robert Kalman: Brewster, NY │

Tom Kirkendall: Edmonds, WA  │

Alexander Kusztyk: Aliso Viejo, CA │

Lisa Jayce: New York, NY  │ no website

Lawrence Manning: Nampa, ID

Marc von Martial: Siegburg, Germany

Debra May: Los Angeles, CA

Chris May: Atlanta, GA │

Christina McFaul: La Jolla, CA

Carl Moore: Santa Fe, NM

David Rae Morris: New Orleans, LA

Lea Murphy: Kansas City, MO

Christine Pearl: Tuscon, AZ

Neal Pierman: Niwot, CO │

Diane Powers: Whittier, CA

Vicki Reed: Cedarburg, WI

Leslie Rosenthal: Pasadena, CA

David Russo: Rochester, NY  @russo.david2

Stephen Sheffield: Cohasset, MA

Sarah Treanor: Akron, OH

Lara Vaienti: Fiorenzuola d'arda Piacenza, Italy │ no website

Mariea Vilaplana: Dubai, UAE  @twoblinksphotography

Sarah Weiss: St. Paul, MN  │

Steve West: Atlanta, GA  │

Stephanie Williamson: Alameda, CA



 Image © Jenna Erickson

Next up in our series introducing you to our small staff here at Shots Magazine, I would like you to meet our Subscription Services Goddess, Jenna Erickson.  Besides being an accomplished painter with pieces in prominent collections, she has studied photography seriously since highshool and college.   Working primarily in the realm of self-portrait, Jenna tirelessly works to erase the boundary between the narrative and mythical realm. It is worth paying particular attention to her use of titles, conceived not to define her work but rather to expand the notion of what the work is about. Jenna is a dear friend whom I have collaborated with on numerous projects and remains a favorite person to work alongside.  What most impresses me is her dedication to living a whole creative life; while preparing meals for her kids, walking across the snow, building a fire--every act is one of intention and meaning.  Jenna is also now making videos that can be found on her website at  We are lucky to have her on our Shots team! ■

—Douglas Beasley, Shots Publisher