Shots Magazine is a beautifully printed quarterly journal in world gone digital, not an on-line publication.

An independent, reader-supported magazine of unusual fine art photography now in its 31st year of publication, Shots is known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world. Often described as a “photographer’s photography magazine,” Shots reaches a wide, international audience that includes not only emerging and established photographers, but also educators, galleries, museums, collectors and other fine art photography enthusiasts.

Each issue has a theme. Photographers submit images that relate to that theme and the photos chosen will be published in the next issue. Each new issue will announce the next theme and deadline. Image selections are completely democratic in that you don't have to be a well known name to get in. If we like your image and it fits the theme you may get published. Subscribers can submit photos to each issues theme for free.

We don't care about what kind, brand or model of camera you use, which format, whether you used film or digital, what apps or filters. We care about vision, about quality, about depth, about meaning, about magic.

Shots is very different from mainstream glossy photo magazines. You will never see articles about 'Tips or Tricks' and it is not equipment or gadget driven. We are completely image driven. If you are someone who enjoys good or unusual photography, or if you have some work you would like to share, Shots may be for you.

doug beasley and elizabeth flinsch
Original Tintype by Carla Alexandria Rodriguez  ©2017
Doug & Elizabeth


Douglas Beasley | Publisher

Douglas Beasley’s personal vision explores the spiritual aspects of people and place and is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. He hopes his photographs act as prayer-like offerings, meant as a departure point for the viewer’s own visual or spiritual journey.

After receiving a BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Doug worked for several prominent commercial photo studios before opening his own studio in Minneapolis, MN emphasizing commercial and editorial fashion. This evolved into shooting nationally and internationally for various advertising, educational, public service and non-profit clients. Doug currently works on selected fine-art based commercial projects around the world.

Much of his personal work is supported by grants and commissions and have been widely exhibited and collected. He has been published internationally and featured in numerous photo magazines. In 2010 he had a permanent wing of the Castile D’Albertis Cultural Museum in Genoa, Italy devoted to his work on Sacred Places of North America.

His first book Japan; A Nisei’s First Encounter, offers insight into his journey to his mother’s Japanese homeland. Earth Meets Spirita hardcover collection of sacred themes, was published by 5 Continents Editions in Milan, Italy and is distributed by Abrams. His most recent book Zen & the Art of Photography is a collection of his writings on photography and the creative process. He is also the creator of Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards.

As founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops, Beasley provides workshops that emphasize personal expression and creative vision over the mechanics of camera use. His workshops are held at art and photo centers around the world, as well as private workshops and mentorships at the Trade River Retreat Center, his cabin in Northwest Wisconsin.

Along the way, Doug has become more involved in curating exhibits and promoting the work of other photographers. He is in awe of all the good work being produced. This led him to acquiring Shots Magazine to continue to promote great and unusual photography that often doesn't get seen in mainstream publications.

Doug continues to explore the notion of what is sacred in his photography and in his own life. He lives in a passive solar home surrounded by trees in Saint Paul, MN and when not out traveling the world he can be found tending his Japanese gardens or enjoying a strong cup of coffee while listening to loud music. Personal heroes include Jimi Hendrix, the Dalai Lama and whoever invented the espresso machine.

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Elizabeth Flinsch | Editor

Elizabeth is a visual artist living in St. Paul, MN. She is a teacher, a photographer, a printmaker, a muckraker, and a resister of convention. 

After attending Oberlin College in Ohio, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a BFA in Studio Arts. She has been the Education Director at Highpoint Center for Printmaking and Northern Clay Center, both in Minneapolis, MN. After working as an Art Coordinator for the Minneapolis Public Schools, she began teaching high school photography at the Blake School in Minneapolis.

After participating in a Vision Quest Photo Workshop in Ireland, she and Doug found they play well together and they have been working together ever since, collaborating on grant projects, photo shoots, and workshops while plotting their next adventure...

In teaching art to high school students, Elizabeth derives endless inspiration from their vulnerability and curiosity. Everything is an experiment. Every rule is meant to be stretched and bent to the will of creativity. Elizabeth passionately believes that we make because we must, because there is no other way.



Shots History:
Dan Price, Bend, Oregon – Founder, original publisher and editor, 1986-1995
Robert Owens, Dallas, Texas – Publisher and editor, 1995-2000
Russell Joslin, Minneapolis, MN – Publisher and editor, 2000-2017
Douglas Beasley, St Paul, MN – Publisher, Elizabeth Flinsch, Saint Paul, MN – Editor, 2017