No. 160 - Summer Issue 2023: LOVE & TRUTH

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Elizabeth Flinsch


Artists featured in this issue:

Geoffrey Agrons: New Hope, PA│

Adrian Arias: San Francisco, CA no website

Kevin Bacher: Eatonville, WA

Samantha Bellwood: Sparks, NV │@sambellwoodphotography

Samantha Black: Enfield, UK │

Barbara Brill: Englewood, NJ │ no website

Liam Campbell: Newtonards, Northern Ireland │

Ginger Chih: Pacific Grove, CA │

Bailey Lou Davis: Bayfield, WI │ no website

Robin Downs: Cross Plains, WI │ no website

David Adam Edelstein: Minneapolis, MN │

Sally Ann Field: Spruce Head, ME

Jocelyn Flores: Homestead, FL

Kathryn Frederick: Killingworth, CT

Ellen Giamportone: Beverly Hills, CA │

Alan Hans: New York, NY │

Will Henry: Tucaloosa, AL  no website

Ryan Hoover: Mountlake Terrace, WA

Roxanne Huber: Longmont, CO │

Judi Iranyi: San Francisco, CA

Candace Kubinec: Greensburg, PA no website

Prescott Moore Lassman: Washington, DC no website

Chris May: Atlanta, GA

Kate Miller-Wilson: Hanover, MN │ @katemillerwilson

Russ Morris: Round Rock, TX no website

Jenna Mulhall-Brereton: Oreland, PA

Laura Oliverio: Granite Springs, NY

Linda Omelianchuk: Conyers, GA │

Mandy B. Pack: Foremost, Alberta  @mandybpack

Lauren Parker: Nambour, QLD, Australia

Doug Phillips: Saint Paul, MN │

Matthew Ragen: Seattle, WA │

Edward L. Rubin: Los Angeles, CA

Erin Ryan Stelling: Raleigh, NC

Marcellus Suber: Fort Worth, TX │

Ken Tannenbaum: Catskill, NY │

John Wagner: Phoenix, AZ

Ty Waller: Chattanooga, TN no website

Michael B. Wood: Santa Paula, CA

Mara Zaslove: Santa Monica, CA


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Elizabeth Flinsch

 Image © Elizabeth Flinsch

Last in our series introducing you to our small staff here at Shots Magazine, I would like you to meet our editor extradordinare Elizabeth Flinsch. And do not take my use o the word 'extradorinaire' lightly - I truly mean it.  Without her guidance, insight, and uncanny ability to find pairings and meaning out of thin air, we would quickly cease to exist. Or at least cease to exist in our current form.  When aquiring the helm from previous owner Russell Joslin I knew we had very big and eclectic shoes to fill (those of you who know Ruseell will laugh at the unintended pun). Elizabeth was my first and only choice. Either she was 'in' or the deal didn't proceed. And she has far exceeded expectations. Elizabeth is a photographer and educator.  Now she has branced out into installation, choreography, and performance art. Where next? Stay tuned! You can find more about her and her work at ■

—Douglas Beasley, Shots Publisher